The Law of Practice

Wake Up

From: Wake Up: 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now, by Gary A. McAbee, p. 69-70

The Law of Practice

The law of practice means that true success requires constant practice. Practice means work. We must put in our fair share of work to become successful. This is a timeless principle that is etched in stone. Everyone, regardless of race, who has achieved any goal, has used this concept. The law of practice can be best described by using an old saying: “practice makes perfect.”

An example of the law of practice is my career as a motivational speaker.

If asked 20 years ago about the probability of seeing myself speaking in front of large crowds, I would have said it was impossible. Public speaking was not my strong suit. However, time after time I had to speak in front of others throughout my education. Practicing by putting speeches together before presenting them made my speaking skills increase dramatically. Now it is easy to put together and present ideas in front of large audiences.

We as African Americans must understand that practice makes perfect. If we want to improve our lot in any aspect, it takes work. We can not expect our children to do well in school if they are not practicing it at home. We can not expect to improve our language if we are not practicing how to speak properly. We can not expect to expand our economic base if we are not practicing proper spending habits.

How do Venus and Serena Williams serve tennis balls over 120 miles per hour?

How did Tiger Woods become the best golfer in the world?

How does Denzel Washington produce mesmerizing performances in countless films?

How does Yolanda Adams sing songs to stir the soul and move the spirit?




Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now, Gary A. McAbee

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