Are You Writing Down Your Goals? Write them down first, then make them happen!

Wake Up

(From the book: Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now, written by Gary A. McAbee, p. 95-96)

The best way to increase the odds of achieving a goal is to write it down. How many people write down goals? Statistics show that less than one out of every ten people writes down their goals! How does this translate into achievement? Chances are, this is the reason why two out of every ten people are living the lives they want. They are planning to work and working their plan. There is a direct relationship between writing goals and achieving them.

Writing down a goal by itself does not guarantee greater success. It only starts the process of achievement. Goals must be accompanied by action plans that clearly define how a goal will be reached. Action plans must include dates of completion for each step of the process of completing a goal. Without dates, there is no incentive or “pressure” to complete a given task. In other words, the hunger to complete a task is accompanied by setting specific deadlines.

Action plans must be broken down into steps. Each step, when added together, should equal completion of the goal. The steps should also have dates of completion. In other words, a goal will look like a blueprint or a series of instructions. Think about it: could you build a new house without a blueprint? Could you program the latest electronic device without step by step instructions? Without the blueprint or instructions, the likelihood of completing tasks is slim. It is also true when setting goals. Without a plan, the likelihood of completing important goals is slim.

The goal-setting process also takes examination of potential obstacles that will surely come. Every goal, regardless of its scope, will be challenged. The goal of passing a test will be met by the challenges of what to study, when to study, and where to study. The goal of starting a business will be met by challenges of what industry to enter, what services to provide, and how to incorporate. In short, when you set a goal, problems will arise. The way to handle obstacles is to prepare for them.

Is there a goal that you would like to accomplish? My goal worksheet and action plan can help you get started today…


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Gary A. McAbee created Motivation for the World as the platform for his motivational speaking, writing, and blogging. The mission of Motivation for the World is to create a vast network of like-minded, service-oriented individuals who join together and work toward having a positive impact in our neighborhoods, communities, and society. He is the proud author of two self-help books: Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now! and Rise Up! 42 Additional Ways to Improve Black America Now!
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