Develop and Use the IT Factor


There are many people who have a unique blend of intelligence, compassion, and positive energy. They are driven, focused, and committed to excellence. All of the traits these people possess are universally accepted and admired. What can we call the combination of qualities these people have that make them special? I call them the IT factor.

Do you know anyone who has the IT factor? 

How can you develop and use the IT factor?

To develop the IT factor, identify those people in your life that have it already and emulate their behaviors. As long as it is a genuine attempt, eventually you will develop the traits and characteristics of those who have the IT factor. Build your intelligence, show compassion, and remain positive. This is a good start to developing your IT factor. Continue to build it by helping others, being selfless, and making a commitment to excellence. These habits will become second-nature and soon you will be recognized as an attractive person who has the IT factor.  At that point, you should not be afraid to use what you have to improve your life. Go ahead, you earned IT!

Not everyone has IT. In fact, few people actually have IT.

If you have IT, use IT.                                                                

When you realize that you have IT, accept IT.

Do not be afraid to embrace IT.

Do not flaunt IT, because this is not necessary.

Everyone can see whether or not you have IT.

Most people will know if IT is real or an act.

If you don’t have IT yet, understand that you can get IT.

So do not act like you have IT if you do not have IT.

Instead, build and develop IT.

Once IT is obtained, IT should be put into practice immediately.

IT cannot be taken away from you once you have IT.

Use IT for the right reasons.

Finally, teach others how to get IT.


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