Personal Declaration of Independence


The Fourth of July is a day of celebration, complete with food on the grill and fireworks in the air. However, we should not forget the reason why we celebrate this occasion. We remember this day to remind us about of the foundation of our country: our declaration of independence from tyranny and oppression. We should also remember that it is symbolic of our personal struggles and challenges that occur every day? We all need to declare independence.

A personal declaration of independence is the decision to break away from anything that is holding us down, or holding us back. We all live with challenges that hold us back and prevent us from fulfilling our destiny. The question is whether or not we are willing to declare independence from these obstacles, and then put in the work to free ourselves from them once and for all.

If you want to declare your independence today, follow this sequence… 



Idea (Goal)




If we think about it, EVERYTHING starts with a dream. The dream becomes a vision. The vision becomes an idea. The idea becomes a plan. The plan becomes an action. The action becomes a result. Faith propels this process every step of the way. It must be present as we move from one phase to the next. If we lose faith in the dream, it will never become a vision. If we lose faith in the plan, it will never become an action. Have faith that your declaration of independence will become a reality!

On this Independence Day, dare to declare your independence! Start by thinking about all the things that have held you back or continue to hold you back. Then envision your life AFTER you declare your independence. Write down your declaration: what do you want to remove from your life? Develop a plan to make it happen. Finally, get to work and eliminate things that impede your progress. I challenge you to declare your independence today!

My personal declaration of independence is to get rid of negative thinking.



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