The Quintessence of a Role Model

Motivation for the World

I have first-hand knowledge of the impact that a teacher, mentor, or role model can have on another person. Remember that all of us serve as role models even when we do not realize it…

The Quintessence of a Role Model, by Nicole Lamey

People go in and out of everyone’s lives.  However, some people leave a lasting impression.  Sometimes these amazing people do not even know that they have affected another.  They achieve great things or are just beginning to achieve these things and really do leave a “mark” on their admirers.  These people really do make the world go around and more often than not, make the world a better place.

I personally can speak about someone who meets all of the qualities of being a “special” person.  Mr. Gary McAbee, who was my English teacher for my freshmen and sophomore year and my American History I teacher my sophomore year, truly is the “quintessence of a role model”.  He has affected my life in a way that no one else has or ever will.  He always was a believer in setting goals and pushing yourself to achieve them.  He believed in me more than I did for a long time.

Mr. Gary McAbee always gave us talks about life.  He is a great motivator and a straight forward person.  He was brutally honest at times, but that is how he gained his respect.  He left at the end of my sophomore year to become a teacher at a college and to become a motivational speaker.  His dream has always been to become a motivational speaker.  Seeing him accomplish his dream has really boosted my confidence and that has become my motivation.

My dream, ever since I was in the sixth grade, is to become a teacher.  Mr. McAbee has become my role model in that aspect.  I plan to be as enthusiastic and inspiring as he is.  He has and will always continue to touch people’s lives in many different ways.  If it weren’t for him, I probably would not be so sure of what I want to do with my life.  He will also make the world a better place my helping people to accomplish their goals.  In conclusion, there is no one else like or even near how great Mr. McAbee is because he really is the “quintessence of a role model”.


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