Victory: Defining Success: One Word At a Time

Victory… an excerpt from the book:

Defining Success: One Word at a Time by Gary A. McAbee


I believe one of the greatest joys is when we successfully overcome an opponent, difficult situation, or challenge. At least, this is the way I feel when I achieve a level of success that I did not expect nor anticipate. For me these are special achievements and I consider each of them a victory. I thank God every day for small victories, because sometimes that is all that goes right in a given day. Major accomplishments take time, and finding your victory when pursuing major goals may be a prolonged wait. Unfortunately, sometimes the ultimate victory never comes along.

The road to success is littered with obstacles, hardships, and challenges that must be faced on a daily basis. If we are not careful, these hazards can slow us down or grind us to a halt. It happens every day. One of the coping mechanisms we can use to fight this is the concept of celebrating each and every victory. It does not matter how big or small the victory. Just be sure to celebrate it. Give yourself a pat on the back (it may be the only one you receive that day). Hidden in this idea is the ability to recognize when you have achieved a victory and how long to celebrate before you move on to the next challenge.

The only way to know when you achieve a victory is to have written down goals and milestones to reach those goals. Some go as far as creating daily to-do lists and then crossing off accomplishments upon completing tasks. These are small victories, and the celebration of theses feats is the physical act of crossing them out on paper. Now magnify this act tenfold. Write down goals and then break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Then you can knock them off, one at a time, until the larger goal is in reach. All along the way, celebrate each and every victory. These acts of self-praise will spur you on to greater actions…

Affirmation: I achieve victories both great and small because I am willing to pay the price for success every day.


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