Faith: Defining Success, One Word At a Time

Faith… an excerpt from the book:

Defining Success, One Word at a Time by Gary A. McAbee


In the Book of Hebrews, faith is defined as: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. What this means is simple: you have to have faith to believe that things can, and will happen, even when it looks as if they are impossible. This is when many people lose what it means to be faithful. They can’t see the results they want, so they believe that they are not attainable. They believe they cannot achieve a victory. Nothing is farther from the truth.

Being faithful means to know and anticipate things that will come your way. Faith will bring you the things you want. It is critical to understand that having faith is an element of all creation. Creation requires starting with nothing, and using our innate ability to see the outcome we want in our mind. We have already seen this concept in action by using affirmations. A starting point is to write and recite your affirmations to state your current situation and build your faith for a better future. Affirmations are one of many actions that must be completed as we start to work toward successful outcomes.

Although we will address the concept of work later, it is critical to link work to the ability to activate and cultivate faith to create. The Bible in the Book of James says: faith without works is dead. Unfortunately for some, faith and work are two ideas that do not go together. However, it is important to tie faith and work together. First of all, it takes faith: an unwavering belief that we can live up to our unlimited potential. Second, it takes work: a burning desire to do whatever it takes to achieve what we want. This powerful combination is a force, ordained by God, that can’t be prevented or stopped. When we start to understand this, we will be able to move toward success.

Faith does not walk by sight, it walks by possibilities. This is why we must be trained to affirm our current situation in the most positive light. Faith has NOTHING to do with your perceived lack. Instead, it focuses on the future that you can’t see. It focuses on opportunities not yet realized in the natural world. It focuses on our God-given ability to produce results beyond our wildest dreams as a child. It focuses on victory! Seeing production requires the activation of our faith. We have already seen affirmations. Soon, we will complete an exercise that will make you think about your wildest dreams and write them down. By doing so, you will activate your faith and begin the journey toward success.

Affirmation: I walk by faith because I believe God has a plan and a purpose for my life.


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