Defining Success: One Word At a Time

Defining Success: One Word At a Time

by  Gary A. McAbee


Now Available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle


The road to success can be a long, arduous journey. It is a journey that needs a step-by-step, clearly defined strategy to arrive at the final destination. To accomplish this goal, Gary A. McAbee has laid out a series of success principles, carefully placed in a logical order, which can lead to greater success. These principles have been used consistently by many of the highest achievers in our society. If they can use these concepts to reach success, then they can also be used by everyone to achieve victory.

The book Defining Success: One Word at a Time starts with defining and visualizing the end result: victory. From there, concepts like faith, passion, knowledge, and patience are introduced to the reader as building blocks toward success. Finally, the book ends with an all-encompassing definition of success. This definition, like all of the success keywords before it, includes the previous concepts outlined in this book.

Projects, known as Call-to-Action exercises, are located throughout the book as samples that can be used to supplement the success keywords. In essence, these exercises serve as written examples that allow the reader to work toward success. By completing projects such as The Success Book, Goal Worksheet, and Define Your Success, the success keywords and the concepts associated with each project come to life.

Defining Success: One Word at a Time serves as a road map to success. Make no mistake about it; the road to success can be daunting. Yet this book, along with the teachings and exercises it contains, is the ultimate guide to producing greater results. It is a guide book to reach the ultimate goal: higher achievement and greater success!

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