You Gotta Have GRIT

You Gotta Have GRIT


Grit can be defined as determination. It is so important that it needs more explanation than a simple definition can offer. GRIT is not only determination, but also determination in the face of insurmountable obstacles. In this life, we all face problems that will appear to be impossible to overcome. We all face daunting challenges. We all face difficulties that look like the end of the road is near. GRIT is what keeps us going despite these burdens.

GRIT is tied to faith. Faith is the belief that things are, or will be, better than they look now. Faith sees what is possible, not what is current. Obstacles and challenges look like victories and successes when we apply faith to our situation. GRIT helps our faith while we work toward the outcomes we believe will happen.

GRIT is tied to perseverance. Perseverance is the ability to press on in the face of difficulty. Perseverance allows us to take the next step forward, even though it may lead to another challenge. Perseverance helps us to meet the next challenge, and work toward a successful outcome. GRIT is the substance of perseverance, the ability to survive and advance.

GRIT is tied to patience. Patience is required when the results we seek are delayed. Sometimes in life there is no immediate gratification. Instead, we can wait for extended periods of time before we achieve the success we seek. GRIT allows us to be patient, while the work we put in starts to show tangible results.

GRIT is tied to passion. Passion is the desire to chase or pursue. Passion requires strong desire, even when it is difficult or challenging to continue. Passion allows us find that spark, and then use that spark to move forward. GRIT fills the void when passion declines and needs an injection of enthusiasm.

GRIT is tied to motivation. Motivation toward a positive result requires positive thoughts and actions. We are always motivated. Motivation to achieve great things in the face of hardships requires constant reinvention and reflection. We may not always be motivated to keep going. GRIT is the fuel behind our motivation when it pushes us beyond what we think we are capable of achieving.


If you want to push yourself to the limit…

If you want to overcome challenges and hardships…

If you want to recover from setbacks and heartbreaks…

If you want to improve your life…

If you want to achieve greater success…


You gotta have GRIT.

I created the Motivation for the World blog to have a powerful voice and positive impact. The articles posted are for all people who are seeking better results, self-improvement, and life-changing success. Along with my other blog, Wake Up/Rise Up, I get people talking about issues that affect us all.
I am the proud author of three self-help books: Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now!, the follow-up Rise Up! 42 Additional Ways to Improve Black America Now! , and Defining Success: One Word at a Time.
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