Four Mental Laws: Use ‘Em or Lose’Em

The laws we are all aware of are the laws created by man. However, there is another set of laws, given by God, that exist for our benefit. We should be aware of these mental laws. The mental laws exist, and they are timeless. They are keys to becoming successful and achieving goals for millions of people. In fact, as we study the highest achievers, we learn that they believe in these four mental laws and put them into practice. The four mental laws are a major part of their success. Once again, if we all learn and apply these concepts, they will lead to success.


The best ways to learn the laws that follow is the old-fashioned way: read the definition followed by an example. The reader should put some thought into each law and understand the power and impact of each concept. Then, the laws should be tested, either by putting in your own examples or looking out for the laws at work in the future.


Law of Attraction


The law of attraction means we can bring into existence the things we want in life. The law of attraction works like magnets. Two magnets will align and attach to each other on given sides based on their magnetism. The law works in various ways in life, but the concept remains the same: each person can get whatever they want in life. This should be read again. We all are “magnets” who can attract things.




Law of Practice


The law of practice means that true success requires constant practice. Practice means work. We must put in our fair share of work to become successful. This is a timeless principle that is etched in stone. Everyone, regardless of race, who has achieved any goal, has used this concept. The law of practice can be best described by using an old saying: “practice makes perfect.”




Law of Reciprocity


The law of reciprocity means what you give will come back to you abundantly. Giving is a concept that many African Americans do not understand. It is a powerful concept that we must tap into to become successful. Simply put, you get what you give.  Another way to look at this law is karma: what comes around goes around. We must remember two important points:

  • you should not give ONLY because you will get something in return; instead give for the sake of helping others.
  • you should not take from others and expect to get something in return; this never works.



Law of Expectancy


The law of expectancy means whatever you expect will come to pass in your life. It is perhaps the most powerful of the four laws. If you have high expectations, you will seek ways to fulfill those expectations. On the other hand, if you have low expectations, you will seek ways to fulfill those expectations. The goal is to continually raise your expectations, then your mind will work toward making those expectations your reality.





Understand how to follow the mental laws! Use ’em or lose ’em!


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