Motivation for the World by Gary A. McAbee

I write. You read. We learn. Together! -Gary A. McAbee

Motivation for the World is a theory created by Gary A. McAbee designed to have a positive impact by providing motivation and inspiration through sharing various forms of communication and success strategies.

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Gary A. McAbee Bio:

Gary Alexander McAbee is an author, blogger, and motivational speaker who has programs on goal setting, achievement and using various leadership strategies,  skills and development techniques. Gary has   become one of the  up-and-coming speakers in his field  and his teachings over the years have impacted people from all walks of life.

Gary A. McAbee was born and raised in the inner-city neighborhood of Greenville in Jersey City, NJ. During his formative years, he witnessed the struggles of many who were caught in the cycle of violence, broken homes, and a lack of education. However, his surroundings did not limit his determination to succeed. Gary refused to be another statistic and vowed to make something of his life and have a positive impact on society.  In order to accomplish this goal, Gary left Jersey City for the steel city of Pittsburgh, PA to attend Duquesne University. However, he never lost touch with his hometown or the needs of the struggling community he left behind.

During a stint in the retail industry, Gary became a district trainer and mentor to many of his employees. At this point, one of them suggested that Gary should consider teaching. This suggestion hit home because he always had a passion for education as a means to give hope to those who felt hopeless.  After much deliberation, Gary left the comfort and security of his job to pursue an advanced degree in education. Additionally, he laid the groundwork for creating his first company, ABE! Sports and Entertainment Management.

For the next few years, Gary would vacillate between pursuing his dream to use education as a means to help people improve their lives or continue to move up the “corporate ladder.”  Being in limbo opened the door to self-doubt and several obstacles to accomplishing his goals. It took moving back to his hometown to re-energize and refocus.  His inspiration was a neglected, trash-laden, vacant Jersey City lot that served as a painful, yet potent visual reminder.  As a result, Gary became a teacher and counselor on the secondary, community college, and university levels. He has made a positive impact and influenced many people to use education as a tool that can lead to greater success and a better life.

Gary created Motivation for the World, which is the platform for his motivational speaking and writing. He spent over twenty years researching and writing. As a result, the book WAKE UP! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now became the first volume of his work. In volume two, RISE UP! 42 Additional Ways to Improve Black America Now, he built upon his philosophy based on careful study and analysis of some of the highest achievers and most successful people in our history.

Thanks to his experiences as a teacher, Gary laid out a series of keywords that could be can be used by his students to define their success. This knowledge, along with his personal beliefs and experiences, have been blended together to create the self-improvement guide Defining Success: One Word at a Time. As his next project, he took the keywords in Defining Success, and created a daily dose of motivation for 2021. Daily themes such as Monday Motivation, Wednesday Wisdom, and Friday Feeling provide real-world examples in his latest book Motivation for the World 2021.

The Mission:

My philosophy is simple. Always be honest and open with people. I believe that everyone has something to offer and I always have something to give. Therefore, it is my duty to respect and honor all people for their contributions and their potential.

The Vision:

My vision is to be a leader in the field of motivational speaking and to write best-selling inspirational books for people of all walks of life.

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I write. You read. We learn. Together!

Gary A. McAbee

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