One Thing I’ve Learned About Life

Throughout my years I have experienced many ups and downs, trial and tribulations, and setbacks and heartbreaks. I suppose this makes me human, because I am 100% positive you have experienced your share of life’s twists and turns as well. It’s not an easy, nor safe ride as we move through life. Yet life moves on. Time marches on. Life doesn’t stop, regardless of our good times or bad times. Life is not concerned with our individual triumphs or struggles. Instead, it is only concerned with our collective journey forward.

Now that we’ve established this, we must come to grips with the fact that we do not have time to stop. We are given time to reflect, but while we reflect, life goes on. In fact, if we reflect for too long, life can pass us by. So I have learned on thing about life: it does not have time to wait for me. It does not have time for me to decide what I will do next. It does not have time for me to catch up.

It all sounds cliché, but I finally “understand” what it all means. Life goes on. The only way to keep pace is to keep moving forward. Looking back helps, but it should not be a consuming passion. Instead, looking back should be a short learning exercise and it the lessons learned should be kept for future reference. After this, we should move forward. We shouldn’t look ahead either. Most of the time, when we look ahead, we miss what is happening right now. So looking forward should be a short exercise to prepare us. After this, we should move forward.

A theme that runs through life is to be mindful in the present. It is the only present we have, and it changes every moment we are alive. Think about it, I will never get the time I spent writing this back. It is now September 6, 2021 at 6:00 PM. Just as fast as this moment came, it also left. So there is no confusion, whatever you did on September 6, 2021 at 6:00 PM is gone too. I hope it was a productive time for you because life moved forward.

Another theme of life, and I hate to say it this way, is our individual insignificance. We all did something with our time, but how do we know if we did something meaningful. How do we know if what we did truly mattered? I don’t think we really know. So I believe the only way through this quandary is to do the next right thing all the time. If we do what’s “right” then we use our time to the best of our ability. In this way, we can take advantage of every moment, because each moment is fleeting. Life goes on!

I know it is a struggle to always do the “right” thing. I know its hard to be mindful of every moment. But what other option do we have? Time doesn’t wait. Moments don’t last. Time marches on. Wasting time on anything that doesn’t move you forward is a waste of time. So why not use time to do the “right” thing? This is opposed to doing “something”. It is also opposed to doing “anything”. It is also opposed to doing “nothing”. Honestly time doesn’t care. Life goes on whether we do the right thing, something, anything, or nothing. At least we get a choice!

One thing I’ve learned about life is it goes on! I suggest you find a way to go on too. As for me, I need to be more productive with the time I have. I need to do the “right” thing. After that, I need to do the “right” thing. After that, I need to do the…

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