This Energy Hit Different

I recently took a trip and had two unexpected encounters with five highly accomplished individuals. Believe me when I tell you, this energy hit different. It was so different that it only took 15 minutes before I realized I was surrounded by energy I have never felt before. At first, I admit I was a little intimidated because I only knew two out of the five people present. Add the fact that I did not expect the first meeting at all. I walked into it blindly, and then I was blinded!

This energy hit different!

Let me explain something about this kind of energy. It was overpowering. But it didn’t take long for me to get right in the flow of conversation after my patented observe first, talk later style. I can sit and read a room for hours in complete silence. That’s what I do. However, this room was different. Much different. Have you ever been in the presence of greatness without knowing what makes your counterparts great? For real, I quickly recognized all of these people were incredibly talented and full of unbridled energy. I had to jump in.

This energy hit different!

Can you imagine sitting around a table for hours with five positive, focused, and super-talented individuals? The fellowship was incredible. The exchange of knowledge and ideas was unbelievable. The love that circulated amongst new friends was amazing. Now imagine being in that same setting for a second time! I am talking about people who do not believe in “Can’t”. Instead, they believe in “CAN”, as in how CAN we get things done? How can we work together? How can we accomplish great things? With this type of team, how CAN I go wrong?

This energy hit different!

A week later, I and I am still trying to process what happened. To say I am still sky high is a serious understatement. A wise man once told me, just ride the wave. In other words, ride this new energy flow that can carry me for a long time. And it has. Since then, things have been happening fast, really fast. It is amazing how two chance encounters can jumpstart the universe. Plus, I was truly shocked that energy like this really exists. On top of that, it’s not hard to get right in the flow of this energy and use it immediately.

This energy hit different!

I strongly suggest you find a group of like-minded individuals who have drive, purpose, and energy! Once you get in the presence of these people, enjoy every moment. Listen, contribute, and serve. You might find what’s missing in your life. Maybe you need a spark that others can provide. Maybe you need a cheerleader. Maybe you need a mentor. In any case, you need to plug into power that is all around you, yet hidden in plain sight. When you find a power source like I did, plug in and stay connected! Contribute and keep your word! Collaborate in good faith!

This energy hit different!

By the way, meeting these people wasn’t even on my radar. This means that we should always be prepared for situations that work for our good. Opportunity is everywhere, yet sometimes we miss it for reasons too numerous to mention here. So, from now on I will be prepared. You will too! Work on your craft. Expect the unexpected. Recognize opportunity. Then shine, and be sure to offer help, support, and service. When energy like I experienced is present, great things are sure to follow. Believe me when I tell you, great things are happening RIGHT NOW because of a few unexpected encounters with five dynamic, awe-inspiring people…

…and then I met someone else!

This energy hit different!

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