Be Ready!

Be Ready

You have the power to change lives, but you will not know when it is time to do it.


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What are YOU Waiting for?

The World

The world is waiting for you…

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to show the world you were worth the wait!

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Alexander Mack’s 15 Rules of Engagement

         15 Rules of Engagement


  1. Go get it. If you don’t I will.
  2. Do not expect nor demand validation from man or woman. Validation comes from God.
  3. Never manipulate or play guilt games, especially with those you supposedly love.
  4. Participate when others are happy and joyful.
  5. Only you know when you give your best effort. You also know when you do not.
  6. Always practice empathy.
  7. Move the Kingdom of God forward.
  8. Love all, serve all.
  9. Remember the power of your tongue.
  10. Get into the construction business, not the destruction business.
  11. Stay level. Try not to get too high or too low.
  12. Choose your quarrels carefully.
  13. Do or give things without expecting anything in return. God will repay your deeds in His time.
  14. You have the power to change lives, but you will not know when it is time to do it. Be ready.
  15. Get loose and produce.
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How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art Carl Boberg, 1885 (English Translation- Stuart K. Hine, 1949)

Stanza 1:

O Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder

Consider all… The world Thy Hand hath made,

I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,

Thy pow’r throughout… The universe displayed;


Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Stanza 2:

When through the woods…And forest glades I wander

I hear the birds… Sing sweetly in the trees;

When I look down… From lofty mountain grandeur

And hear the brook… And feel the gentle breeze;


Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Stanza 3:

And when I think, That God, His Son not sparing;

Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;

That on the Cross, My burden gladly bearing,

He bled and died… To take away my sin.


Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Stanza 4:

When Christ shall come, With shouts of acclamation,

And take me home, What joy shall fill my heart!

Then I shall bow… In humble adoration

And there proclaim, “My God, how great Thou art!”

Lyrics from:

Copyright Information for this Hymn Copyright © 1953 The Stuart Hine Trust/All rights worldwide adm. by Kingsway Communications Ltd. (except USA admin. By EMI CMG Publishing and print rights adm. by Hope Publishing Company. All other rights in North, Central & S. America adm. by Manna Music Inc)

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18 Things Mentally Strong People Do

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do, adapted from several blog posts featured on by Cheryl Snapp Connor

1. They move on. They don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves.

2. They keep control. They don’t give away their power.

3. They embrace change. They welcome challenges.

4. They stay happy. They don’t complain. They don’t waste energy on things they can’t control.

5. They are kind, fair, and unafraid to speak up. They don’t worry about pleasing other people.

6. They are willing to take calculated risks. They weigh the risks and benefits before taking action.

7. They invest their energy in the present. They don’t dwell on the past.

8. They accept full responsibility for their past behavior. They don’t make the same mistake over and over.

9. They celebrate other people’s success. They don’t resent that success.

10. They are willing to fail. They don’t give up after failing. They see every failure as a chance to improve.

11. They enjoy their time alone. They don’t fear being alone.

12. They are prepared to work and success on their own merits. They don’t feel the world owes them anything.

13. They have staying power. They do not expect immediate results.

14. They evaluate their core beliefs- and modify as needed.

15. They expend mental energy wisely. They don’t spend time on unproductive thoughts.

16. They think productively. They replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

17. They tolerate discomfort. They accept their feelings without being controlled by them.

18. They reflect on their progress every day. They take time to consider what they’ve achieved and where they are going.




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If I Could Go Back in Time…

If I Could Travel Back in Time, What Advice I Would Give Myself?


I wish I could go back in time and advise myself to do some things differently. Is there advice I would give to myself if given this opportunity? Absolutely! Three tips I would tell myself are to save more money, take more risks, and pray more often.

Tip #1: Save More Money

I had no concept of saving or investing money when I was young. I spent the majority of the money I made on material things with little value. In fact, I spent money I did not have, without realizing that I had to pay it back someday. Did I delay instant gratification? Not a chance! Meanwhile, I sank further and further into debt. What advice would I give myself about money if I could go back in time?

I would tell myself to save at least ten percent of my net income. I would also invest another portion of my income so that my money could grow. Finally, I would tithe ten percent, and then spend the rest as needed. There is no doubt in my mind that following this strategy would have helped me manage my money a lot better than I did.

Tip #2: Take More Risks

I have always been a person who waits for things happen instead of making things happen. Why should I take a chance unless I know ahead of time that it will turn out in my favor? I am a person who says “I could have done it.” Maybe “I would have done it.” I know “I should have done it.” The bottom line is: I didn’t get it done! What advice would I give myself about taking risks if I could go back in time?

I would tell myself to break the chains of fear and self-doubt by taking more risks. I would allow myself to follow my dreams. I would take more chances. If taking a risk works in my favor, great! If it doesn’t, then there is a lesson to be learned. There is no doubt in my mind that my life would be better now if I took more risks in the past.

Tip#3: Pray More Often

I used to pray before meals, but that was just to bless the food. As I grew older, I would pray to bless the food and the hands that prepared it. Eventually, I would pray to bless the food, the hands that prepared it, and the nourishment it provided to my body. I rarely prayed about anything else, except for when I got in a serious jam that I could not get out of on my own. What advice would I give myself about prayer if I could go back in time?

I would tell myself to pray more often. I would pray to ask God for guidance, wisdom, and the ability to forgive others. I would pray to protect others and uplift them in their times of need. Most importantly, I would pray to give thanks. There is no doubt in my mind that prayer would have changed many things in my life.

What if I would have saved more money?

What if I would have taken more risks?

What if I would have prayed more often?

If I could go back in time…

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Happy New Year 2015 from Motivation for the World

Golden 2015 Happy New Year Greeting Card With Sparking Spot Ligh

The New Year- Martha Snell Nicholson

Dear Lord, as this New Year is born
I give it to Thy hand,
Content to walk by faith what paths
I cannot understand.

Whatever coming days may bring
Of bitter loss, or gain,
Or every crown of happiness;
Should sorrow come, or pain,

Or, Lord, if all unknown to me
Thine angel hovers near
To bear me to that farther shore
Before another year,

It matters not—my hand in Thine,
Thy light upon my face,
Thy boundless strength when I am weak,
Thy love and saving grace!

I only ask, loose not my hand,
Grip fast my soul, and be
My guiding light upon the path
Till, blind no more, I see!

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Contend for the Faith (Inspired by The Book of Jude 1:3)


A Poem Of Faith- Paul Lawrence Dunbar

I think that though the clouds be dark,
That though the waves dash o’er the bark,
Yet after while the light will come,
And in calm waters safe at home
The bark will anchor.
Weep not, my sad-eyed, gray-robed maid,
Because your fairest blossoms fade,
That sorrow still o’erruns your cup,
And even though you root them up,
The weeds grow ranker.

For after while your tears shall cease,
And sorrow shall give way to peace;
The flowers shall bloom, the weeds shall die,
And in that faith seen, by and by
Thy woes shall perish.
Smile at old Fortune’s adverse tide,
Smile when the scoffers sneer and chide.
Oh, not for you the gems that pale,
And not for you the flowers that fail;
Let this thought cherish:

That after while the clouds will part,
And then with joy the waiting heart
Shall feel the light come stealing in,
That drives away the cloud of sin
And breaks its power.
And you shall burst your chrysalis,
And wing away to realms of bliss,
Untrammelled, pure, divinely free,
Above all earth’s anxiety
From that same hour.

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The Race We Must Run

Wake Up
…an excerpt from Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now by Gary A. McAbee

To everyone who thinks African Americans have made it, might make it, or may never make it, here’s an analogy for you…

Let’s say that you and I are about to have a race. Our race will be continuous. A winner will not be declared until one of us gives up. We will run the same course: a straight line. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

There is a catch. I am going to start running before you. In fact, I’ll run for 87 hours. 87 refers to years from 1776-1863, you can figure out the dates. At the start of the 88th hour, you can start. When you start, I’ll be so far ahead of you that it will take you awhile to catch up: A LONG TIME! When will you be able to catch me? Will it take only 151 hours? (1863-2014) If this is the case, you must be pretty quick!

There’s more. Along the way, I have told my friends to put some hurdles in your path. Let’s say, there is ONE hurdle to represent the following: the Jim Crow period, the era of segregation, the Civil Rights Era, and the post-Civil Rights (discrimination and racial profiling) era. So, I’ll only add FOUR hurdles, but I will make the height of each hurdle different just because I have the power to do so. Do they slow you down?

Finally, ask yourself some questions:

Are you going to quit?
Will you ever ask why the race started the way it did?
Are you ever going to resent the starter of the race who allowed it to happen?
Will you ever ask for a restart?
Will you get mad, every time you come to another hurdle?
Will you wonder if there are more hurdles you didn’t get to yet?
Will you get discouraged, and slow down?



Human nature says…..

The point is: I am running fast. Are you running too? Can you keep pace? Black America, we need to run. We need to keep running. We need to never, ever, under any circumstances, stop running. So I hope to see you on the track. Together, we can catch up and win the race someday.

Gary A. McAbee

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The Serenity Prayer


The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely
happy with Him forever in the next.


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