Wish Upon A Star: What is Your Dream?

… an excerpt for the soon to be released book: Motivation for the World: One Word at a Time by Gary A. McAbee

What exactly is a dream? When we think of dreams, we think of the visions and fantasies experienced while sleeping. These images have both fascinated and puzzled mankind throughout human history. However, as it relates to Motivation for the World, we need to use the definition that refers to aspirations as the concept that makes a clear distinction between our nighttime dreams and our success related dreams. Did you notice the definition of dream used here has the words goal and aim attached to it?

We want on focus on dreams that we create by using our conscious mind in order to start the creative process. These dreams go through a filter to determine whether or not they are achievable or unrealistic. I believe we think about the dreams we believe we can achieve, and allow the unrealistic dreams to sit in far corners of the mind. The dreams you think about the most are attainable! The things you give your attention to can become a reality. These are the dreams that should go from thought, to action, to reality. The process of making this happen starts with belief that we can achieve victory.

Is it just me, or does this sound too good to be true? Our society has us brainwashed into believing success is tucked away in some place far away that the “average” person can never find. Success belongs to them, not us. So, we should be happy just to get through this life by merely squeaking out an existence. Nothing is farther from the truth! You have already been introduced to the concept of victory. You have explored the power of faith. Through using if and when, you have the capability to dream a lot bigger than your current existence. You have the ability to think without limits, and then attract those thoughts until they become a reality.

What is your wildest dream? If we knew in advance this dream will come true, I am sure we would start working on it immediately. If not, then we do not have enough belief that it will come true, even though we know it will happen! This is a perfect example of the limits we place on ourselves. We limit our ability to dream! We limit our ability to have faith! Those of us who cannot muster up enough faith to believe a dream will come true have a major roadblock to overcome on the road to success. Thankfully, there are endless supplies of tools that can be used to overcome this thinking.

… the exercise we will complete is called Wish Upon a Star. It will be the easiest task I will ask you to complete, but for some it will be very difficult to do. The reason for this has already been explained: we dream like a child, and then we rationalize our current or future situation like an adult. We lose our childhood dreams because of our false perception of reality. We only see things we think are possible and shut off our visions of achieving the impossible. However, If we take a stand by completing our first exercise, then the self-imposed limits we place on ourselves will be taken away.


This is a call-to-action so let’s get started!

  • On a sheet of paper, write the title Wish Upon a Star at the top of the page (download available here:)

Wish Upon A Star- by Gary A. McAbee’s Motivation for the World

  • Next, write a list of things you will accomplish (at least 5).
  • Do not continue reading this book until you have a list. Once completed, hang this list on a wall, carry it with you, or put it in a memory book.
  • Remember to review this list daily and start to work every day to make your dreams come true.


Motivation for the World: one person at a time!



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Stay Level

Stay Level.jpg

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Stephen Curry… On Purpose


Stephen Curry… On Purpose

Even if you do not follow the NBA or sports in general, you have probably heard of the 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry. If not, I suggest finding some highlights to see him in action. He is, in my opinion as well as countless other basketball junkies, the greatest shooter we have ever seen. Stephen Curry makes it look so easy and effortless that his shooting prowess appears to be a gift from the heavens. It is a gift from God! However, there are other attributes of Stephen Curry and the talent he possesses that need to be examined. Then we can understand how he has perfected his craft on purpose. By doing so, we can understand that we have the ability to do the same.

Stephen Curry works tirelessly on his game…

He practiced his shooting, since he was a child, for countless hours. This turned the young, skinny child into the sharpshooter he is today. There were no shortcuts taken. There were no breaks given. He put in work, and continued to work. In fact, he continues to work every day to improve his skills on the basketball court. His pregame dribbling workout has led to flawless execution when handling the basketball. His shooting prowess comes from countless hours in the gym taking shot after shot. He is the epitome of the cliché: practice makes perfect.

Stephen Curry has unwavering faith which drives his performance…

He was lightly regarded coming out of high school. I am sure a lot of this had to do with his slender frame that would not hold up against “superior” competition. His faith in God and the work he put in was not shaken. He played college basketball at Davidson College. Despite his growing reputation as a player, critics doubted his ability, especially when his team played larger schools. He outplayed his competition. His faith never wavered. Even before the NBA draft, critics outlined flaws that would limit his effectiveness as a pro. Once again, his faith never wavered.

Stephen Curry was pushed to improve his growing talent…

He was mentored by his father Dell Curry, who was a world-class shooter as well. Dell Curry knew what it would take to make his son great. He pushed Stephen from an early age to work on his shooting and dribbling skills in order to be the best player he could be. Stephen used this built-in support system to grow and develop as a player. He could also point to his father’s successful NBA career as a roadmap for his future. By seeing his father play, Stephen could see the possibility that his hard work could lead to a career as a professional basketball player.

So what can we learn from Stephen Curry and his journey from a young prodigy to an NBA superstar? We can learn that it takes work to achieve results. We can learn that it takes faith to achieve results. We can learn that it takes support to achieve results. It is no secret and should come as no surprise Stephen Curry used each one of these attributes to become great. By the way, you can too…

…on purpose.

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Go Get IT

Go Get It

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The Construction Business

Get into the construction business

World Trade

… not the destruction business.

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Always Give Your Best Effort

Only you know…


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Be Ready!

Be Ready

You have the power to change lives, but you will not know when it is time to do it.


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What are YOU Waiting for?

The World

The world is waiting for you…

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to show the world you were worth the wait!

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